What is GetaKit?


The purpose of the GetaKit study is to evaluate an online assessment and mail-out system for sexual health services. We want to know how many people use these tests, their test results, and if people are linked to care.

GetaKit provides HIV self-tests (Canada-wide) and requisitions and swabs for sexually transmitted infections (Ottawa, Ontario).

Register, complete the risk assessment, and see what tests, supports, and services are recommended for you.


Check My Eligibility

You may be eligible for HIV self-testing if you are:

  • 16 or older
  • HIV negative, or unsure of your status
  • Not enrolled in an HIV vaccine trial
  • Not diagnosed with a bleeding disorder
  • Sexually active or use injection drugs

You may be eligible for STI testing if you are:

  • 18 or older
  • Live in Ottawa, Ontario
  • Have an OHIP card
  • Willing to go to a lab for testing
  • Sexually active

If you have symptoms, or if one of your partners has been recently diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection or HIV, or if you think you need PEP, there may be better resources

Who is GetaKit?

GetaKit is a University of Ottawa study to evaluate the outcomes of a mail-out HIV self-testing program. It launched in Ottawa July 20, 2020 and has since expanded across Ontario.

To learn more about what is involved, take a look at GetaKit’s plain text consent here.

How Do I Get My Kit

Step 1

Register online

Step 2

Order your HIV test

Step 3

Do it at home

Step 4

Get your result

But What About My Results?

GetaKit takes a status-neutral approach to linkage to care. This means that you’ll be connected to support and given information on next steps.

I Have Questions

For inquiries and concerns, please contact us here.

See how it’s done here: